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A pioneer Pilates studio in KL since 2005.


A host for Polestar Pilates and Gyrotonic courses, an internationally recognised certification.


We are located in Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar.

For you who aim to improve your movement and wellbeing to prevent injury and improve performance.

Who Are We?

Beyond Movement is a spin off from Essential Movement, that builds its credibility on one-on-one private classes, rehabilitation, Rolfing ® and post-recovery programmes. Classes are tailor made for different individual needs, from low-back pain, scoliosis to fitness and athlete conditioning

Beyond Movement takes after the core of Essential Movement and more.
Post-Rehabilitation Pilates classes can be presented in a fun group setting, to more people and taught in a fitness-oriented way.


Rehabilitation is important, so is fitness.  Thus, training to build good bio-mechanics of our body to ensure effectiveness of the work out.  Only then can movement be enjoyable and beneficial to all.  

More than Just A WORKOUT

BEYOND MOVEMENT, like the name suggests, it is not restricted to just a "workout". We wish to share our passion for movement through more efficient strategy and proper biomechanical knowledge that affects the fascia system. This helps to improve long term health and wellness. 

Whether you are experiencing pain or simply want to improve your physical and mental wellbeing, BEYOND MOVEMENT KL provides a healing and friendly environment to do so. BEYOND MOVEMENT is a place where people from all backgrounds can improve their movement, to be able to move freely, to move more efficiently, to move more gracefully etc.

We are supported by international recognised program :
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I started Rolfing and Pilates for more than 2 years ago, when I had a recurrence of an old muscular injury. The session has helped me understand a great deal about my own body i.e.

1) learn to activate smaller muscles I wasn't even aware was there.

2) awareness of over-activation and over compensation of certain muscle groups and how best to obtain better overall balance.

3) importance of feeling length in our body, and how to feel this lengthening, during the pilates sessions and more importantly, how to incorporate it into our daily lives.

As my awareness of my own body improves, my posture has changed significantly, positively impacting everything I do, from walking to sitting to driving. 

I also periodically go for Rolfing, as part of my routine body maintenance, and injury prevention as it really works in realigning muscles.

As a customer, I feel that the instructor and manual therapist really understands my holistic requirements, and ensures it is achieved, with lots of patience on her part. I would recommend Essential Movement and Beyond Movement to anyone who wants to incorporate pilates and Rolfing as part of a holistic lifestyle choice. 

My only regret is not starting at this center when I was younger.


At BEYOND MOVEMENT KL, we also believe in sharing knowledge amongst ourselves and with our clients. Our instructors are constantly expanding their knowledge and we are always on a lookout to bring in workshops and events by experts in the industry.

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