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Three people crossed path and decided to open a studio. Two have been in the movement background all their lives, other one is a relatively recent Pilates convert. Together they took a step forward and opened BEYOND MOVEMENT, a place where people from all backgrounds can improve their movement, to be able to move freely, to move more efficiently, to move more gracefully etc.

BEYOND MOVEMENT, like the name suggests, it is not restricted to just a "workout". We wish to share our passion on movement through more efficient strategy and proper biomechanical knowledge that affects the fascia system. This helps to improve long term health and wellness. 

Whether you are experiencing pain or simply want to improve your physical and mental wellbeing, BEYOND MOVEMENT KL provides a healing and friendly environment to do so.

At BEYOND MOVEMENT KL, we also believe in sharing knowledge amongst ourselves and with our clients. Our instructors are constantly expanding their knowledge and we are always on a lookout to bring in workshops and events by experts in the industry.


We believe in simplicity, hence our simple logo, but it comes with a deeper meaning which we believe in. 

The circle represents a free sense of movement. Movement that is unrestricted. The lines within the circle represent fascia lines. These fascia lines enclose our muscles, organs and other tissues in our body. And they create stability, resistance, power, flexibility, elasticity, and compensatory posture.

We look beyond the superficial movement. We try to look deeper, to see how fascia responds to stretch, exercise and movement. 


Fasica is a newly found "organ" and how much do you know about fascia?

" The fascia system forms the largest system in the body as it is the system that touches all other system"


James L Oschman PhD