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What you need to know?


Pilates Equipment - Springboard or Reformer

⏱ 55 min class

👭 5-6 pax max

Our approach to Pilates transcends mere movement mastery. We view equipment as tools enhancing muscle engagement and providing valuable feedback. Our diverse apparatus fosters deeper connection and understanding, elevating both physical engagement and overall awareness in a holistic Pilates practice.

Pilates Mat

⏱ 55 min class

👭 5-8 pax max

we emphasize the importance of mat exercises as a foundational step in Pilates training, rather than a mere prerequisite. We encourage embracing this foundational base, seeing it as a catalyst for future advancements in your Pilates journey. Our approach offers a fresh perspective on mat exercises, highlighting their relevance beyond Pilates. These tailored exercises provide valuable insights and techniques applicable to everyday sports and activities, promoting a holistic approach to physical well-being. Embracing the mat sets the stage for a comprehensive and enduring Pilates practice.

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⏱ 55 min class

👭 6 pax max

GYROKINESIS® sessions, conducted on stools and mats, are inclusive and attract a diverse range of participants, from athletes to seniors and those managing injuries or disabilities. These sessions emphasize breath and movement to harmonize the body, promoting balance and enhancing physical well-being. Additionally, the focus on breath stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, fostering calmness, overall well-being, and mental clarity. GYROKINESIS® offers a holistic experience that benefits participants both physically and mentally.


⏱ 55 min class

👭 3 pax max

The GYROTONIC® Pulley Tower anchors transformative sessions at Beyond Movement, transcending movement limitations. Participants gain enhanced movement freedom, strength, and agility. Its unique adaptability caters to diverse individuals, from injury recovery to elite athletes, with tailored exercises promoting personalized and inclusive well-being and physical excellence.

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