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Our Classes
  • How to understand your body posture and alignment to meet your fitness goal.​

  • How to develop a skills to prevent injury, either during your activity in sports or daily activities.​

  • How to develop a skills that makes your fitness in a more easy and efficient way. Fitness is not mean to work hard but to work it smart.​

  • How to improve body performance and to increase your energy level.

  • How to balance between Strength and Flexibility is important to maintain long term health. 

  • To help you to understand how to stay young while you are in the age of 60's.

And so much more...

How Our Clients Learn
This is Suitable for
  • If you want to improve your health in a more sustainable way.

  • If you have just recovered from rehabilitation treatment.

  • If you want to develop your understanding outside scope of your own training.

  • If you want to Active, Connect and Build to maximise your fitness in max.

Class Type

A Private Class for One

The class will be designed based on individual's needs. Post rehabilitative; aiming for a sports competition; persons with some pathology like lower back pain, pregnancy…..etc.

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A Class for Two

If you wish to have class with your better half, parent or besties, or even when the trio or group class you are in, there's someone who is absent.


A Class for Three

If you wish to have class with your better half and child, parents or good friends, or even when the group class you are in, there's someone who is absent.


A Class for Four to Six

If you have good body awareness, went through private or semi private sessions and wish to have classes with more people.

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Essential Program

The program is NOT a replacement for private or duet or group. It consists of 7 sets of fundamental levels of work. All the set work can either do it once, twice or more if you wish to review the set work.

If you are a beginner - to help you to build a foundation and understanding for a movement.

If you are an experienced client - to help you to refresh and remind what is missing in focus during the existing training.

Client who complete the program would be able 



To self correct independently
To identify the correct muscle use
To build good movement foundation
To understand more in depth about Pilates movement
To prevent injury
To be able to apply in other sports, private & group classes or at home workout

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